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MVP Capital Restructuring


MVP Capital provides advisory services to companies, creditors and stakeholders in financially challenging times. We advise clients in both out-of-court and in-court reorganizations to achieve ideal outcomes – despite less-than-ideal circumstances. Our expertise includes Chapter 11 restructurings, litigation support and testimony, debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, valuations, and strategic alternatives.

How we’re different

  1. Broad experience
    We’ve served the telecom, renewable energy, media, towers, and technology industries in good times and in bad. We’ve helped clients through industry-specific setbacks, such as the highly leveraged transaction (HLT) telecom crisis of 1990s and broad downturns, like the recent Great Recession.
  2. Financial savvy
    Our Wall Street-trained investment bankers leverage their sharp skills to fully comprehend a client’s financial situation and evaluate the range of options available. We stay actively informed of market movement to advise our clients on how they can achieve the best terms for their needs.
  3. Extensive relationships
    We actively nurture deep relationships with creditors and investors focused on the telecom, renewable energy, media, towers, and technology industries. MVP relies on these relationships to help our clients gain better leverage as we negotiate on their behalf.
  4. Market knowledge
    We’re dedicated to a team approach and structure so that we can provide the most responsive, outstanding customer service and maximize our clients’ benefits from our advisors’ full knowledge and experience.

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